I am grieving a loss

 What to do for a grieving friend
  • Call. Say “I’m so sorry.”
  • Reach out. Find the time to pay a visit.
  • Bring dinner or invite your friend for dinner.
  • Be a good listener. Avoid such comments as “I know just how you feel.” You cannot really know how someone else feels. Allow for silence.
  • Do mention the deceased person. Share memories.
  • Allow for tears. They are a natural way of expressing hurt.
  • Offer to go with your friend on simple routine errands. Be specific in your offers of help. Avoid such comments as “Call if you need anything.”
  • Avoid setting time limits on grief. You cannot really know the depth of someone else’s wound.
  • Be there. Sundays and holidays can be intolerably lonely times for the bereaved.
  • Be loving – a hug or a squeeze of your hand means more than you can ever imagine.


Courtesy of Hospice Services of Howard County, Columbia, Maryland.


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