Ethics Statement


Procedure Regarding Ethics Statement

The Board of Directors of Hospice of Montgomery has established this statement of ethics that recognizes Hospice of Montgomery’s responsibility to the patient/family units, volunteers, employees, physicians and community.

RE: Ethics Committee

In issues regarding patient/family units or patient care staff and volunteers, the Interdisciplinary Team will serves as the Ethics Committee.

In issues regarding administration, office policy, Board of Directors or administrative staff, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors appoints members not involved as the Ethics Committee.

These two committees are responsible for assessing, and as possible, resolving ethical issues that are evident as well as issues that might have a potential for an ethical conflict.

RE: Ethical Conflicts

To facilitate optimal prevention of ethical conflicts, the following standards are maintained by all members of the Board of Directors, employees and volunteers:

  • All patient/family Rights and Responsibilities are instructed and followed on an ongoing basis.
  • Hospice of Montgomery provides services only to those patients whom we can safely care for within this organization.
  • All qualified patients are provided with a uniform standard of care and complies with Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of ability to pay, race, color, national origin, age, disability, belief system, gender, sexual orientation or life style choice.
  • Hospice of Montgomery accurately presents to the patient/family unit, the community, physicians and other health care agencies what services are and are not provided.
  • All services are provided to meet the individualized identified needs of each patient/family care unit.
  • Hospice of Montgomery treats all volunteers, employees, physicians, visitors and members of the community with dignity, respect and courtesy.


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