Hospice Care

“Hospice Care”
Hospice care is a special kind of care which enhances the quality of life for patients with terminal illness and their families. Comfort care and support care are provided by a team of highly trained, qualified and experienced health care professionals and volunteers, allowing patients to spend their remaining days in comfort and dignity, focusing on living. Hospice philosophy of care which cannot be found in the Nursing Home, Hospital, or other health care programs.
Most hospice patients have cancer. Others suffer from Lou Gehrig’s Disease, heart and lung disease, Alzheimer’s, strokes, AIDS, and other fatal conditions. Whatever condition the person may have, the role of hospice is the same: to provide professional medical care, manage pain and other symptoms, and responds to the social, emotional, and spiritual needs of each patient and family, enabling patients to be cared for with comfort and dignity.
Hospice exists in the hope and belief that, through appropriate care, patients and their families may be free to attain a degree of mental and spiritual preparation for death that is meaningful and satisfactory to them.
Hospice care is a benefit of Medicare and Medicaid. Many private insurance companies offer hospice care as a benefit.
The first hospice in the State of Alabama, Hospice of Montgomery, was founded in 1976 as a volunteer agency supported by the United Way. A staff of two people grew to a full team of healthcare professionals when Medicare certification was granted in 1989. Hospice of Montgomery, an independent not-for-profit healthcare organization, is led by a Board of all volunteer civic leaders and individuals whose lives have been touched by a terminal illness in one way or another.
Our services are provided within a 50-mile radius in the River Region. We provide hospice services for patients in their places of residence, home, and residential care facilities.
Services provided by Hospice of Montgomery are intermittent and include:
*Medical and Nursing Care
*Social Work Services
*Volunteer Assistance
*Case Management
*Personal Care
*Grief Counseling
*Spiritual Care
*Family Training in Patient Care